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The truth about sugar

Sugars are simple carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body due to their simple structures. Glucose and fructose are monosaccharides and sucrose is a disaccharide. Enzymes break down sucrose into glucose and fructose. There is little difference between various types of sugar such as table sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar or demerara sugar. They may be slight differences in the micronutrient content however, the amount of micronutrient is so small that you would have to eat a substantial amount of sugar to gain any kind of benefit. The benefits of this would be elimintated, due to the amount of sugar you would be consuming. Unrefined sugars are not healthier than other sugars, so don't be scared about the sugar you use. The Scientific Advisory Council for Nutrition classify sugars as free sugars. These are sugars that you add to foods and those that are present in honeys and syrups. It does not include sugars found in fruits and vegetables or milk or milk products. If you blend any fruits or veg, you release the sugar from the cell. On doing so, it becomes a free sugar. Recommendations for intake of free sugar is no more than 5% of total energy intake.

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