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Zara Prowse


Founder of  Zara Prowse Nutrition, Zara has a MSc in Public Health Nutrition and has worked with private clients, given talks at sports clubs and worked with gymnasts from Team GB. Before becoming a Nutritionist, Zara was a Science Teacher and has a BSc in Science Secondary Education. 

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Jennifer Bonello

Fitness Expert

Jennifer has worked in the fitness industry since her early 20's and been into sports forever, forming part of the national volleyball team and playing squash and basketball competitively.  Jennifer is currently competing in local beachvolley tournaments. With a wealth of knowledge Jennifer is qualified in yoga and pilates, fitness and strength training, Reiki and personal traning.  She believes that life is too big and wide to limit oneself to one specific fitness regime and loves to challenge the mind and body with new techniques based on body awareness, alignment, breath and natural all her classes are a fusion of all she has built on her  years of teaching and in her years of enhancing her own experience, going through injuries and growth and life

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Surprise Guest

Product Manager

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