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Why Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive - based on feelings rather than facts or proof.

Surfers are intuitive, the wave they select is based on feeling and when they feel the power of a wave, they paddle like crazy.

Dieting is a future predictor of weight gain. Restrained eating is associated with weight gain over time. We all know this, you diet and then when the diet is completed, you gain the weight back. It is a cycle that makes the diet industry worth 192 billion dollars. 

Ask the questions.......

Do I want to become free from a preoccupation with food and dieting?

Do I want to move away from categorising foods as good and bad?

Do I want to choose foods that will enhance my body?

Do I want to listen to cues such as hunger and satiety and learn to trust them?

Imagine that....................

Non Diet approaches are a way to improve health without focusing on weight loss as an outcome. Weight loss is a neutral outcome depending on where you start. IE includes health at every size, intuitive eating and mindful eating.

All foods serve many purposes such as; taste, joy, social, energy and comfort.

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