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Public Health and Intuitive Eating

Public Health is a word that has been used consistently throughout Covid, many might think it relates only to immunity.

In fact, Public Health in the UK aims to reduce causes of ill-health and improve the populations health and wellbeing through many branches such as nutrition, infectious disease control, reducing health inequalities and promoting health across the life course including menopause.

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Menopause has had a great deal of press coverage recently with the addition of menopause into the National Curriculum as well as Davina McCall's TV documentary Sex, Myths and the Menopause. Furthermore, from April 2023 the Department of Health and Social Care will introduce a prepayment certificate to reduce the cost of HRT for women. Body identical HRT has been shown to reduce symptoms and allow women to better manage their transition through menopause. There are many health benefits that come from HRT but nutrition can further support symptoms as well as general long-term health and wellbeing providing the correct strategies are used and, that restrictive behaviours are not adopted to combat menopausal weight gain. 

Intuitive Eating focuses on health as an outcome and not weight loss. It uses the bodies natural cues to signal when we are hungry or full. These simple cues are present at birth however, this signalling is bypassed when we are born into a world of diet culture where food is stigmatised or catergorised into good and bad, restrictive eating is the norm or where we are advised to implement rules around food. 

As an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, I can help you gain back these cues as well as teach you how to give yourself unconditional permission to eat, with a focus on supporting health as an outcome and not weight loss.

Ask yourself.......

  • Do I want to become free from a preoccupation with food and dieting?

  • Do I want to move away from categorising foods as good and bad?

  • Do I want to choose foods that will support health?

  • Do I want to listen to cues such as hunger and satiety and learn to trust them?

Imagine that.

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